Welcome to the DSA Theatre class of 2020 senior project! Before you start exploring we would like to explain what the project is. It is customary for every DSA Theatre graduating class to come together to write and produce an original play. We elected three writers who set out to write an original series of vignettes each dealing with the loss of innocence and the experiences of transitioning from childhood to adolescence in as many ways as possible. The production and design teams planned an immersive theatre experience in which the audience would travel to different worlds and witness these characters and events in an intimate way. This year, because of circumstances out of our control, we were not able to put on the show as we had planned.


We have designed an immersive website meant to honor the words of the writers, the vision of the production and design team, and the spirit of the class of 2020.


You will now be taken to our homepage. Each photograph will lead you to a page corresponding to a different scene, along with a soundscape of the scene. Please navigate this website on a desktop or laptop for the best viewing experience. Drawing Circles is currently not formatted to support the dimensions of cellular devices.

Class of 2020 Senior Project 

Drawing Circles