“NEW RULES 1. Create your own path. 2. Be grateful for what you have AND demand what you deserve. 3. Lead now—from wherever you are. 4. Failure means you’re finally IN the game. 5. Be FOR each other. 6. Believe in yourself. Demand the ball. 7. Lead with humanity. Cultivate Leaders. 8. You’re not alone. You’ve got your Pack.” ― Abby Wambach, WOLFPACK

Isabel Beckler

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius. Support others, lead with kindness, and appreciate the good! 

I'm not pursuing theater, but will always celebrate the art I have made in my life. I will apply the skills I have learned and will continue to give a voice to others. 

Class of 2020 Senior Project 

Drawing Circles